Mark 16:15:
"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to everyone."


If you would like 1 or 2 of our Christian frames, please browse our 16 frames choices (Scroll Down)
(we DO NOT do custom frames) then click the "Donate" button and make a donation
to our ministry of at least $1.00 to help us off-set the costs to produce and ship these Christian license plate frames.

There is a message box on the donation site where you can input your frame choice(s), or you can email us ( to let us know which frame(s) you would like.

Update: Frame #016 (People Get Ready...)
is currently back ordered.

Below are 8 of 16 frames. Click the link below these 8 frames to access the other 8 frames, and please visit our Slogans / Verses page to see the meanings of all our slogans.

Seek God In Good Times Not Just In Bad Times
The Best Sermon Is A Good Example!
Jesus Rules - Do You Live By Them?
The Ark Saved Noah... The Cross Saved Me!
Don't Drop Out! Of Church
The Best Exercise... Walking With God

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